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What do we believe in


Athletes Innovation is a team of health and sports scientists, with the main goal being the right practice based on the latest scientific protocols and the right professional approach.

The ideology of the group is quite clear. At a time when misinformation and bad practice techniques are everywhere, Athletes Innovation comes to educate the sporting population, to provide in-depth knowledge and to raise the bar for the common good of our athletes.

It demonstrates that sports science is a very developed and complex industry and there is no longer space in the sports community for experimentation, charlatanism and fortune-based moves.

The price is very high, especially if we understand that this whole sports community we have composed consists of ourselves and our loved ones.

Our team builds the foundation for the next generation, evolving the level of attitude towards our sports community, and sets as a top goal the success at personal and athletic level.


Our Services


Sport psychology / psychometric assessment.


Nutritional counseling services.


Biochemical and Ergometric Assessment.

what do we aim for


The Athletes Innovation team prioritises the high levels of general health of individuals who work together, and then as the main goal of successfully realizing individual or group goals, whether they are sports (competitive season) or personal (body recomposition, performance enhancement, preparation for competitive season, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and return to play).

With the experienced leadership of our scientists, we aim at the development and evolution of both our athletes and the idea of ​​sport in Cyprus and abroad.

- Athletes Innovation Group

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