Large population groups face serious musculoskeletal problems nowadays. These problems can affect the muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons or even nerves. The main Symptom of these problems is pain.

Pain in any degree and appearance results in preventing the patient from being functional. Whether at work, at home, or in the sport they do. It limits the patient’s abilities to such an extent that he causes him to deal with him.

Pain management is done in many ways. Medication, physiotherapy, rest, and surgery, in extreme cases, are some of the methods used to treat the symptoms.

However, scientists in recent years have been dealing with the pain before they even appeared. That is, with PREVENTION. Research has shown that teaching ergonomics to humans is a method of preventing injuries.

Ergonomics is defined as the science applied to improve human performance, health and well-being. For example, the seat in the car or the office, the location of the computer, the use of a tool, the position of the body in a manual job are some of the tools used by science to improve ergonomics.

An athlete must be aware of the position of his body in performing an exercise, the correct grip he has to use, the resistance his body can withstand in order to avoid any abnormality that involves strain and injury .

More generally, we can say that the ideal position is as follows:

  • The joints must be in a neutral position
  • Kneeling bends
  • Work below shoulder height
  • Load load near body weight distribution in many places
  • Fruit in neutral
  • Neck in a neutral position
  • Work on the computer with the joints in a neutral position
  • Carriage of cargo bilaterally

In conclusion we can say that simple daily movements can cost causing body injury or strain.

Teaching the right ergonomics in a man’s everyday life or in a sportsman’s sport technique greatly avoids injuries and pain in general.

The role of the physiotherapist is mainly the treatment of pain but in order to deal with the symptom he must first teach his patient how to exploit his body, put it in proper function and finally respect it.


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