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The Athletes Innovation Group is made up of scientists living and working in Cyprus, whose main objective is the development and evolution of sports in Cyprus and abroad.

The main focus of the team is the self-improvement of the people who work with us, as well as the maximization of their performance in order to achieve their goals.

Thalia Panagi

Studied at the University of Cyprus and Postgraduate at Sports Psychology from Liverpool, John Moores University and Clinical Counseling Psychology from LA Salle University, USA, Thalia Panagi has already gained international experience with athletes of various sports.

Dr. Haris Tymvios

Studied Biomedical and Forensic Science at London’s Kings College (BSc, MSc), specializing in endocrinology and anti-doping. In 2008 he completed his Ph.D. studies at the Imperial College of London in Pharmacology, in 2009 he graduated in Ergophysiology of Exercise, and in 2019 he has received postgraduate training in Sports Medicine.

Christos Constantinou

Graduated from the Nottingham University with a degree in nutrition science. A lecturer at KES College since 2018. He is a member of the Association of Dieticians & Nutritionists of Cyprus and is Managing Director of Advanced Nutrition Science, which provides sports and general nutrition counseling services.

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