Biomedical and Forensic Scientist

Dr. Haris Tymvios

Dr. Haris Tymvios is the founder of Dr. Tymvios Medical and Sports Laboratory, a laboratory that specializes in medical and physiology testing.

The goal of the lab is to evaluate the athlete in every sense (blood analysis, physiology testing, biomechanical evaluation and muscle imbalances, infield evaluation as well as nutritional assessment) in order to provide the athlete and the performance team with the most sport specific and personalize data. This is done in order to achieve better health, which in turn will allow the athlete to exercise even harder, to the top level. Therefore we aim to maximize recovery, avoid muscle injury, increase lactic acid metabolism, increase energy production, maximize the benefits of super-compensation protocols and in general maximize performance.

In one word BIOCHEMICAL PERIODIZATION at its best.

Dr. Haris Tymvios currently is a lecturer of advanced exercise physiology at University of UCLan, member of the National Bioethics Committee of Cyprus, Sports Biochemist in local football teams and abroad, member of Medical Laboratory Directors Association of Cyprus, Member of UK Forensic Scientists Society as well as performance advisor in many elite individual athletes in Cyprus and Abroad. He has a BSc in Biomedical Sciences (Kings College London), MSc Forensic Science (anti-doping specialist Kings College London), MSc Exercise Physiology (University of Roehampton), PhD in Pharmacology (Imperial College London) and he is a candidate for an MSc in Sports Medicine (University College London)

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Biomedical scientist

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