sport psychologist

Thalia Panagi

With studies at the University of Cyprus and postgraduate at Sport Psychology from Liverpool John Moores University and Counseling Psychology from La Salle University, USA, Thalia Panagi has already gained international experience with athletes of various sports.

At this stage she works with various teams, academies, coaches, trainers, athletes and referees, with the main goal of maximizing athletic performance.

In addition, she works as a Αssociate Lecturer with UCLan Cyprus and her main research goals are directed towards the use of psychological skills, concentration, anxiety, self-confidence and injuries.

Finally, Thalia is the director of the Clearmindpro Center which provides sport and counseling psychology services. Learn more about Thalia and her work at clearmindpro .

Licensed Counseling Psychologist

Sport psychologist

Associate Lecturer

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